Home Building Surveillance Systems


When a security camera goes down it typically takes days or even weeks to repair (in some cases over a month).


This can pose a huge issue for management business.


With the rise in incorrect liability claims, you have to ensure your electronic cameras get repaired quickly.


Generally what occurs when a video camera decreases is as follows:


1. It needs to be reported or someone needs to be taking a look at the monitoring display.


2. The company who installed the electronic cameras needs to be called.


3. A service consultation must be set for a convenient time to come out.


4. The company finally comes out and repair services or replaces the electronic camera.


This procedure can take time and it does not take place as quickly as noted above.


The reason why it takes longer might be that the:


* Property manager might forget to call.


* Service company might be booked up.


* Down video camera does not get seen immediately, etc


. The genuine issue with a down cam is if someone submits an incorrect liability claim, saying they got harmed on your house. When in truth they got injured on the street in front of your structure.


If the electronic camera that covers that location is down, nothing was recorded.


This is a huge problem.


You need to search for SMART DVR Technology that is capable of alerting you when a video camera goes down.


With some SMART Systems on the marketplace the service technicians are informed immediately too.


This results in a lot less down time and a whole brand-new level of client service.


SMART DVRs are typically packed with innovation to make your life simpler.


Here is a short list of a few of the features that they provide:


Health Monitoring Technology


Monitoring system continuously monitors itself to search for concerns.


Service Requesting Technology


The system requests service from the installer when needed and will notify you too.


Email and Text Alert Technology


Some systems notify you if any video camera or DVR/NVR decreases (I.e. power outage, wires cut, etc). With some systems the installer gets alerted too. Visit our new website at https://www.danetti.com/dining-furniture/dining-chairs .


Movement Alert Technology


This is ending up being more popular. The system informs you when someone is in an off limitations location.


With some systems you will be sent out an image and a brief video from the video camera where the motion was discovered.


Wireless Remote Monitoring


This feature permits you to see your cameras firmly from practically any google connection, around the world, 24/ 7.


Endless Video Data Storage


WISE DVR's that provide this type of storage will move your recorded images to a safe vault online for safe keeping. Even if someone happens to steal your DVR you will still have the footage.